Aculux 3-1/4-Inch LED Responsive Technologies

Precision luminaires feature black body dimming and tunable white capabilities

Posted in News on January 12, 2014

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Responsive LED technologies offer unprecedented lighting control and the ability to create spectacular effects.


At the vanguard of lighting technology … Aculux 3-1/4-inch LED luminaires with black body dimming and tunable white light.

Aculux 3-1/4-inch LED precision recessed luminaires are renowned for the superb level of control they offer in the design, installation, and adjustment of high-end recessed lighting applications. Now with black body dimming and tunable white technologies, they give you the ability to interact with your lighting design to achieve the precise effects you desire. Available with either 700 or 1,000 lumens, these advanced LED luminaires also offer exceptional color rendering and consistency and industry-leading efficacies of up to 50 lm/W.


Instant response at your fingertips


In black body dimming mode, Aculux 3-1/4-inch LED luminaires warm from 3000K to 1800K as they dim, perfectly mimicking halogen dimming but with only one-quarter of the power consumption. All it takes is a standard 0-10V slide dimmer to put you in total control. In tunable white mode you can adjust luminaire color temperature anywhere between 4350K and 2000K while remaining on the black body locus. Again, all it takes is a 0-10V signal to have the exact color temperature you want. Now, you can easily create the atmosphere and effects you desire on a post-installation basis and respond to changes in lighting requirements or design without replacing luminaires or components.

Black body LED dimming perfectly mimics halogen, transforming any room with a warm evening glow.


Tunable white technology permits real-time CCT adjustment between 4350K and 2000K to accommodate dynamic interior environments.

With these new technologies, Aculux luminaires have once again elevated the art of precision lighting, augmenting an already powerful set of features that include Acu-Aim gear-driven optics, the Tru-Line adjustable platform, and the auto-adjusting optic holder. Add to that nearly endless round and square trim possibilities and you have the most advanced luminaire in the industry with the most sophisticated and precise lighting controls ever offered in a single fixture.