• The super-efficient supermarket!

    From high ceilings above produce, floral displays and grocery aisles, to suspended
    ceilings above cafés and restrooms, ultra-efficient LEDs provide prodigious amounts
    of high-quality, color-consistent light while using only 15% of the energy as conventional
    light sources.

  • LEDs … the future is now!

    Imagine using electronic circuitry to create light. What sounds like science
    fiction is actually today’s most energy-efficient, best performing, most socially
    responsible light source. LEDs use a fraction of the energy of conventional lighting,
    can provide 11-years or more of maintenance-free, replacement-free service and
    are free of mercury, lead and other hazardous toxins, making them the ultimate
    eco-friendly light source.

  • Examine the facts; it’s time to upgrade to LED lighting

    A lighting and energy assessment of your facility can provide insights on substantial energy savings and reduced maintenance
    costs … which equates to improved profitability and return on investment!

  • Saving energy ... impressing guests

    In a typical hotel, lighting accounts for 60% or more of total energy consumption.
    Our LED fixtures use as little as 15% of the energy of conventional light sources,
    and offer spectacular performance and stunning aesthetics.

  • Get the most out of lighting energy!

    LEDs use less energy, last much longer, contain no mercury or lead, and are more eco-friendly than any other light source.

Where’s the best place to use LEDs? Everywhere.

Every type of commercial or residential application stands to benefit from the remarkable energy efficiency and maintenance-free operation of LED lighting. Select a building to learn more.

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Juno Retrofit LED Trim Module with Plate

Install Juno Retrofit LED Trim Module with Plate

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Your partner in saving energy

We want to support you by doing everything possible to help you save energy and optimize your profitability. Utility companies and taxing authorizes provide a variety of financial incentives and deductions for installing energy efficient lighting. The sooner you convert to LEDs, the sooner you can start to experience savings.


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